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No Limits Photography/Mike Jones
Apex Running UTS100


Every movement pattern you make is unique and based upon your last movement pattern, your brain and your nervous system being tasked with split-second decisions

All about empowerment...

My aim is always to increase any learning about the body that the individual may have and give them the tools that enable them to be more self-sufficient.  

I also treat non-sporting injuries, aches and pains and help people rid themselves of pain and discomfort caused by work or life in general.

I incorporate functional movement patterning into all my work and generally clients leave with homework to aid their goals and/or recovery. I want you to learn about yourself and be able to understand what your body is telling you.

Biomechanics – The Power of Movemen

Have you ever marvelled at the ability and beauty of animal movement? As human beings we can learn so much from animal movement and apply it to our own performance, enhancing it in many ways.  Effective movement is built up of layers. Layers that involve anatomical factors, neuromuscular skills, physiological capacities and psychological/cognitive abilities among others such as nutrition and hydration choices.

Humans need help in improving their human movement. We are happy to have swim or golf lessons but put no value on how we move or breathe. Biomechanics is key to solving human movement problems.

Injury prevention and treatment is another primary area where biomechanics can and should be applied. Sports medicine professionals have traditionally studied injury data to try to determine the potential causes of disease or injury but I have felt for a long time that biomechanical research of an individual is always time well spent, especially when the individual has a tendency to keep getting injured. It can be a powerful ally when preventing and treating injury. Rather than just treating the injury, why not look at how the individual human moves to discover if the fault can be pinned to inefficiency rather than just being unlucky?  


For example, individual-specific biomechanics studies can help prevent injuries by providing information on the mechanical loading during movement which can go a long way to explaining why the body is breaking down during activity.

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