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The Secret isn't in Your Legs, but in Your Strength of Mind

Kilian Jornet, Run or Die

Why Do You Run The Way You Do?

Where Are You Now?

Simply, you are a product of your environment and lifestyle. For most people, their bodies have adapted to modern life from childhood play and their movement has radically changed as a result. As a species our bodies are no longer primed to do what they need to do in order to survive. Sitting at the top of the food chain we simply have no need for that.


As a child you generally have no real concept of time and you value life very differently. You value play and movement. Life is simple. Moving into adulthood you start to value things differently and movement generally isn’t one of the things that you value. You might value a gym membership though as that has a social standing value. So, you give movement a time slot, you call it exercise and you value it so poorly that you time bind it in hour long blocks and go to a building to perform it. And yet, you spend a fortune on it to look good doing something you don’t really value.


Where Your RunnIng’s Gone Wrong?

Chances are you’ve never had any run lessons. As a child I imagine you likely didn’t warrant it and you moved effortlessly. Certainly, better than you do now I imagine for most of you. This I always find weird as I bet you’ve had golf lessons if you play golf, or swimming lessons if you swim. But never run lessons. We’re all really good at that right?


As an adult then, you’ve likely fallen into that trap of compartmentalising your days and completely devaluing movement.  The less you do is in reality, the less you do and that will likely equal poor movement capabilities and more than likely intermittent pain. But you can change all of that. 


So Why Are You The Way You Are?

Simply you are a reflection of your choices over time. I don’t think I can put it any simpler than that. The good news is that the human body is reprogrammable, and change is achievable if you are prepared to work hard. Bottom line is though, most people are looking for a magic bullet and are not prepared to work hard. 


The fitness industry knows this. It makes billions and millions of currency each year selling you dreams. Dreams you could probably achieve if you were; 


  1. Prepared to work hard at reprogramming. 

  2. Accept that there are a number of layers to achieving your goal and 

  3. Then be prepared to work incredibly hard on all of them. 


However, in reality these are dreams you won’t achieve because you can’t plan and you are generally now conditioned not to wait or work hard for things.


If you look at the animal kingdom the purpose of any species is to survive. Humans in general do not need to focus on that purpose anymore and haven’t done for some time.


What Can You Do?

Obviously come and see me!


Book a run course with me and really start to understand what’s going on with your body. It isn’t as simple as drawing some lines on your video stills and telling you to do this and do that. If it was, chances are you’d be doing it already. You need to understand why your body does what it does and in doing so, help it unlock itself.


Join Core Club Online. I've touched on layers above and this piece is an abridged version of a more detailed version should you get in touch. Run Form is a layer and you won’t get there just by working on your running. 


Too tight to do any of that because you don’t value your body enough?

Here's some free stuff...

Get really tall when you move. Put as much height into your body as you can during movement. Why? If we meet, I will talk a lot about fascia. Fascia is your natural elastic recoil system. If you create tension in it, you’ll create a recoil. Create a recoil and you’ll create synergy in the body. Arms and legs working together rather than against one another. You’ll create flow and you’ll create economy. Fascia you can develop.  Fascia is ultimately the key to efficient movement in my eyes and this goes back to eureka moments I had during my Soft Tissue Degree and a session I had with ex GB Athlete, Alex Fugallo.


Your body is the greatest piece of technology you will ever own. Ask yourself this…


How much of the OS am I actually using?

Get in Touch

Want to really take advantage of this incredible system you live in everyday? 


Find out more about your run course options below:

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