Scrum Tech - Building Better Scrums

Scrum Tech - Building Better Scrums


“The challenge is to build a feeling of oneness and of dependence upon one another”


Scrum Tech builds better scrums and better scrummagers.  Gone are the days when the scrum was merely a way of restarting the game.  Now it is a crucial part of the game but with the way the game is going I saw a  need for a solution to the endless collapses and boring re-sets that I was seeing in the mens game.


Scrum Tech builds better packs.  Players that can maintain their footing, stay bound and hold themselves and ultimately the scrum up.  Biomechanics is a huge tool in elite sport.  Why are you not using it in your environment?


This is a fully interactive day full of learning opportunites.  Learning how to train your body for a specific task is something that is often missed in sport.  This is a different way of working on the tech side of the scrum that sees players empowered in a coaching environment.  I work with your forward coaches to ensure that their understanding is also at a level that will see you as a team,  fully self sufficient to the point of being able to conitinue this learning long after the session has been dellivered.


Price is for 12 players and one 6 hour day plus full documentation.  


Please contact me before booking so that we can discuss your environment and how to get the best out of the learning.  



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