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#10in12 this weekend at Robin Hood 100. Another adventure up country beckons and I'm looking forward to seeing what I've got. I've done very little running since SVP100. About 15-20 miles to be honest as I've not felt the need, working on everyone else has been full on and I really did want to rest after three huge races in quick succession. I have however done a lot of core work. The thing with this ultra running lark for me is that races never play out exactly according to the plan, and as a result I always learn so much about myself from how I respond along the way. With that in mind, I am not worried about this weekend. I actually get a huge buzz from the fact that these races might actually be beyond me and I might not make it all the way, rather than just rocking up knowing that a finish is mine already before I've stepped over the line. The mental battles I love just as much as the physical ones. This is my last big one of 2017 but 2018 is already in planning and there are some good things shaping up. #LookAfterYourBody #LifeOfALion

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