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Run clever

A lot of runners I speak to about their run formats just start their run and try and hit pace right away. No real warm up, just BANG straight into it. So here's my thought for you if you fall into that group... Next time you go out for a run why not just run easy for ten to fifteen minutes to reconnect with your breathing, form and get some solid feedback from your body. Then stop running. Yes I said stop running. Then I suggest you gather your thoughts on what that felt like. Do any dynamic work you feel you need to do and then you go at pace. When I suggest this run format, what normally comes back is... “But what about my average pace on Strava JR?!” Balls to that is my answer. If it’s such a big deal then record it separately. If you can't get your head around that, then hide your runs if you need to until you start to realise that your long term goals are more important than how you feel about how others feel about how fast you ran yesterday. And guess what sports fans? Well you might just find that you start logging considerably more volume if you separate your warm up from your run. #LookAfterYourBody

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