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December is the Month of Mountains

December at Core Club is Month of Mountains. It's all about the elevation. How much can you grab?

Overall there are six levels to aim for, and much like everything we do at Core Club, an opportunity for everybody to get involved and be part of something.

The majority of our community is based in Suffolk and East Anglia where hills are not exactly common place and certainly not steep or long. Some I am sure will go and investigate opportunities for big elevation gains further afield whilst others will take a more relaxed approach and simply incorporate more elevation into their weekly running. 

The best single thing about this virtual challenge will be that it allows everyone the chance to set themselves a stretch goal, but then have the safety net that will allow them to increase or decrease that based on what they can manage around day to day commitments. For me, this kind of moving target has been a really valuable part of the virtual events that have taken over and kept us busy for most of 2020.

Taking part is simple.

Over the month of December 2020, runners, walkers, climbers (if the walls are open) and cyclists can shoot for one of 6 different elevation levels outlined in the graphic above. Climb or elevation gain can be made outside on trail, on the road, on the wall or on the mountain. You can't gather your ascent cross sports, so if you're on the bike to start, it is the bike all the way throughout the month where this is concerned.

Participants of any age can take part and aim for any of the six targets (Under 18's up to Ben Nevis only). We want everybody to be able to take part and set themselves a target.

The difference with this one is that you don't select your target at the start, you can enter and just keep adding to your tally all through the month. Your final total climb will give you the level you achieved during the month.

Entry is open to all Core Club household memberships and is free. T Shirts will be available to purchase through the shop for £25 each.

Want to be part of it? Join up to Core Club for December and get stuck in.


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