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Run Tech - Sagittal Collapse

I see many presentations of this issue over the course of a month so thought I'd put something up about it as it is a really interesting topic for me in my world. I recently met a runner at an event who had been told that if she changed her run shoes she would clear this very issue.

Quite simply in my opinion, that won't happen. This issue is within your biomechanics so buying new shoes and/or orthotics won't solve it on its own.

For me, it is more likely the way you are positioning your foot or knee in your mid-stance, or it's a core issue or it's a muscle activation timing issue. Or it could be a combination of all of them.

Runners I see with this issue tend to have a commonality that they run at a slower pace and injury issues tend to centre around calf, achilles and feet. It follows that the more contact time you have with the ground, the more chance you have of getting injured.

So for me, the key for you as a runner is to first understand where you are collapsing from. Is it your ankle, knee or hip or a combination of the three?From there you can begin to work on correcting the issue.

A top tip from me would be to really work at getting your arms producing more for you in your run form as this will change everything from a form perspective. Get your arms recycling, change your run pattern in your feet.


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