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#Run5kForTheNHS Gathers Pace and Breaks £1800 Two days In

Sam knows the score 👣

Spencer is on the front line every day working for the NHS. She’s also very much part of the Core Club community. We have a large number of NHS legends within our Core Club community who are important to recognise. But it struck me this morning that even more importantly, that the wider community has taken this on means that this is now quite rightly far bigger than anything I could have imagined. This is now a whole geographical community coming together.

Let’s help them help us.

The £1800 mark was broken through this morning and that is quite simply, amazing. How far can we push that total by the end of day three today?

Let's get as many people involved as we can. Safely.

Whether that means going out very early or very late on trails or in setting up in your garden or your front room. Whether it be walking or running. Get behind this campaign and be part of it. Not for me, but for your friends, family and loved ones.

The important part is the money we can raise. We have one week, we only ever had one week, less than one week now, so please, please, please get behind this and do your thing for the local hospitals and front line staff. Ipswich and Colchester really need your help.

Let's help them help us.


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