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Thursday sees a Big Announcement

During the last lockdown 1.0, you beautiful people and a whole lot of others raised over £20,000 for Ipswich & Colchester Hospitals Staff Covid 19 Welfare Fund. You were simply amazing with your dedication to the cause and support for one another.

This time in lockdown 2.0 things are different. I won’t be asking you to raise any money as we've done that and Christmas is around the corner. But this December, I will be asking you to get involved and do stuff.

This community is simply amazing. I’ve got something so cool for you all to get your teeth into and ultimately as a result, make a huge difference through the things you do.

Watch this space next week for how you can get involved. I really do hope you’ll get involved. You’re simply the best people. Let’s continue to make a difference together.


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