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UTS. The Toughest Single Stage 100 Miler in the UK. Fact

Snowdonia is a special place and the UTS weekend is truly like no other. I had the best time despite my fall and subsequent problems that I have had to navigate. It was one of many falls. I learned a lot.

I got to run with my friend and running legend Carmine De Grandis for a fair few miles. I rubbed shoulders with so many super humans. I ran with Emma Bainbridge through the night. Such a gutsy, incredible runner and an amazing human. I was so sorry to read she didn’t get her finish but know that she’ll be planning her next adventure already and won’t be sad for too long, if at all. She will have left it all out there like the rest of us.

I got to watch my friend John Adams run in and slay the 50. I wouldn’t have seen that if I hadn’t fallen and I am so so happy I did and so so happy for him. He’s had a phenomenal year and deserved that moment.

The support in Wales was humbling. Sue Curtis being Sue Curtis and volunteering on the event. Sam Spencer looking after John and myself so well whilst dealing with her disappointment of not being able to run in the 50, and little did I know it Ingaret Howells, Steven Shaw and Liz Masding planning to see me on Snowdon, a peak I didn’t get to having had to come off at the checkpoint before that climb. So many faces from races gone by on my race, so many superstars from the running world happy to chat and share thoughts, tips and good humour. On top of that the support crew on Michael Jones’ races were and are all the best of amazing people. A humbling experience to be looked after so well.

The support at home has been truly special. I feel very lucky to have the people around me that I do. Thank you all so much.

And Wales. Thank you. The most stunning of landscapes and one that I fall in love with all over again, every time I go. And to the Welsh people, thank you for your welcome and kindness. The best of folk.

My running over the last two years has changed dramatically physically and mentally. I’m much lighter, faster, fitter and generally in a much better place. I’m very grateful for that. I think that gift has come from my own personal Core Club Online experience.

I’m also at peace with my running. I’m not chasing other people’s adventures, I’m cool with my choices and my outcomes.

Thank you all so much. Onwards 👣 xx


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